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Where are the soldiers who defended the Iranian territory? Where are the soldiers who defended the Iranian culture and civilization?

When we were surfing the libraries, we were shocked by the huge lack of information sources about Iranian Culture, Art and Civilization. All we could find, were encyclopedias entries about the grand history of Iran or Persia which has to be, but, inside this history are some extra topics, like Civilization, Culture, Art, Science and etc, which merit due attention. Without these our history contains nothing more than the story of the ups and downs of a series of dead dynasties

What about our poets? How many know them and how many know that they were Iranian? How many times have you heard "Abu Ali Sina, an Arab scientist"? How many know that Razi was an Iranian scientist who discovered alcohol? What about Khayyam and his mathematical rules?

Nowadays everybody is talking about Human Rights. How many know  which government ratified The Charter of Human Rights for the first time? When Koorosh Kabir (Cirrus the Great) in about 2600 years ago, set the Jewish slaves free in Babel, he talked about the Human Rights and Religions Rights. This is officially attested to by what can be seen on the top of the main gate of the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Swiss.

We also talk about Insurance, Unemployment, Disabilities or Accidents at work, etc. Have you ever gone to Persepolis and Apadana and read what the Great Darius ordered when these monuments were being built? Isn't it incredible to find ou that he was the one who enshrined The Rights, Salary and extra job benefits for pregnant women, Unemployment Insurance and Insurance to cover all accidents?

If only a small fraction of people know about these unique ingredients of our culture, the fault is ours and nobody else's. Everybody talks about Roman Civilization and remembers their heroes and heroines. Why? Because of very many books, seminars and movies on them; specially  amusing,   inexpensive movies, accessible to everybody. Fortunately when we were surfing the Internet, we found lots of informative, interesting  Iranian sites  which indicate that we, Iranians, understand what our problem is and now are starting to tackle it. 

The major problem is that we cannot find everything in these sites and there are too much advertising. So we started working on our site "FARHANGSARA", without any  political and/or religious tendencies or commercialism in mind. It is just a Non-Profit Cultural Site for every body.

We use some site's sources, and we mention them. We appreciate their efforts and thank them  wholeheartedly for all they have done.

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