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Shohreh Aghdashloo

SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO (Pari) is one of the most gifted and abundantly talented actors around. She started her acting work with Theater Workshops in Iran where she was in many plays. Her acting debut in a film was in Sootah Delaan by the legendary Iranian Writer/Director, Ali Hatami whose memorable Period Piece movies such as Soltan-e Saheb Gheran and Hezar Dastaan contributed significantly to the knowledge of Iranians about the past hundred years of their history. In the role of the hired prostitute, Shohreh Aghdashloo, falls in Love with the retarded man, played gracefully by the famed Behrooz Vosooghi.
Aghdashloo then appeared in the family drama, Gozaresh (The Report) directed by the world renowned director, Abbas Kia-Rostami whose later films such as Through the Olive Tree and Taste of Cherry has captivated critics and audiences world Wide. 

After emigrating to Britain, She took up acting in theater. In the United States she  appeared in many plays with her husband, Hooshang Toozie whose "Sweet Smell of Love" (Booyeh Khosh-e Eshgh) became an instant hit. This touching and thought-provoking play about immigrants' family life, single handedly transformed the Iranian community and its attitudes to theater. To this date almost a hundred thousand have seen this play in more than 30 countries world wide. The sequel to "Sweet Smell of Love", "Our Share of Father's House" continued the love audiences have for plays written and performed by the couple.

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