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Iraj Mirza

Iraj Mirza Jal'ul Mamalik (1874-1925), born in Tabriz, the most most popular poet of the Qajar period, is considered along with Obeyd-e Zakani as one of the best satarists of Persian literature. He was familiar with Russian, Turkish and French languages.
His grandfather was Fath Ali Shah, the Qajar monarch. Well known poems by Iraj include Madar (Mother) and Arefnameh, an attack on his fellow poet, Aref Qavini. Iraj is noted for the simplicity of his poetic diction. In his verse he uses the actual words of everyday speech. The origin of this tendency, which may be said to represent a reaction against the pompous language of the classicists, has come to be identified with his name. Through him poetic language has become rich in many colloquial words and expressions. Zohreh and Manouchehr is one of his famous poetic works. Here Iraj Mirza tells the story based on the Greek myth of Venus and Adonis where Zohreh rejects the gods and comes to Earth where she is overcome by the sheer beauty of Manouchehr in his armor. He rejects her advances while she attempts his first seduction. She goes to great pains to explain the beauty of love making and finally has her way. The waking Manouchehr can only find a depression in the ground where she lay, having returned to the gods.

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