With an area of 95815 Square kilometers, the Province of Semnan is located to the east of the province of Tehran. It includes 4 districts which are: Semnan, Shahrood, Damghan and Garmsar.
The province of Semnan is located on the south of the
mountainous chain of Albors, in which the height of the land decease southward, and   is connected to the Kaveer desert from the south.
This province is consisted of two major geographical areas: the mountainous to the north, and the fertile outskirts and plains to the south. The mountainous area contains mines as well as some beautiful landscapes, while the outskirts have been ideal for to the establishment of the old cities.

Ali Spring

 Shah Mosque Dome


The local culture and the traditions are so incredibly diverse that Semnan can be called the Province of Varieties. For tourists  the locals' special way of practicing the national and religious ceremonies,
wedding parties, memorial functions for holy celebrities or the death of their beloveds would be very attractive.

Historical Monuments:
The Minaret of the Saljuk Period
Khanqah and Tomb of Shaykh Ala'ol-Dawleh
The Friday Mosque
Shah Abbas Karvansara
The Sultani Mosque
The Gate of the Semnan Citadel
The Natural and Historical Remaining of Darband

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